Friday, 30 April 2010



I have started this blog to report progress and share thoughts about my commitment to Eclipse community, for starters - by the means of my Google Summer of Code 2010 participation.
For the next few months I will be working on the ergonomy and automation of C/C++ code editor in Eclipse CDT. I'm planning to bring it closer to the level of comfortability offered by the Java editor of JDT by reusing existing ideas of JDT, diagnosing the most repeatable and distracting tasks of C++ coding and providing comfortable functionality in the IDE to let the programmer focus more on the actual programming part.

My mentor for this project is Alena Laskavaia, committer of Eclipse CDT.

Besides my thoughts and remarks about GSoC, I'll be describing my progress here on a regular basis, so you can use my weblog as a report on how I'm doing and what you can possibly expect in the next CDT release.

Happy coding!


  1. Powodzenia Tomku!
    pisz na bieżąco i powodzenia w GSoCu

  2. Dziękuję! Zamierzam podejść do sprawy tak dobrze i dokładnie, jak jestem w stanie; taka okazja nie trafia się codziennie. Fakt, że (w najlepszym scenariuszu) z mojej pracy będzie korzystał cały świat, motywuje jak mało co. :)